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0xED is a native OS X hex editor based on the Cocoa framework.

Fast editing of large files.
Unlimited file size (limited by what the actual file system supports).
Small memory footprint.
Instant opening of files of any size.
Remains responsive with 1 million+ edits.
Supports all normal text editor keyboard shortcuts.
HFS+ compatible.
Resource fork editing.
Full hex/text search/replace.
Binary/text Cut/copy/paste support.
Main window is sizable.
Plug-in system to display your custom data types.
Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or newer.
Intel 32/64 bit binary.
Localizations available: Italian, Finnish, French, German, Simplified Chinese.
Free of charge.

Download latest (version 1.1.4)

Download for OS X 10.5 users (version 1.0.11)
(SHA-1 sum: ba1cbe9ef43eb3694af671894ddaf968442e5034)

Download for OS X 10.3 and 10.4 users (version 1.0.7)
(SHA-1 sum: f64466b2d3cbf7b6d64eccfc1a36f8c0a7e3866d)

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